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 la cimbali m100 touchscreen barista style coffee machine 3 group black and silver model with red detail right side view

La Cimbali M100

Americano icon Americano
Espresso icon Espresso
Hot Water icon Hot Water
600Cups per day
La Cimbali
Machine Type:Espresso
Environment:Cafe, Coffee Shop, Pub, Restaurant
Product groups:2, 3, 4
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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La Cimbali M100
Commercial Machine | Espresso

Marrying the traditional with the futuristic, the La Cimbali M100 celebrates elegance, reliability, energy saving and performance. With rounded groups resembling hydraulic groups and a simple design created for ease of use and maximum performance, this espresso machine provides a nod to the past whilst being forward looking in its design.

The M100 comes in two versions, the GT and the HD both of which feature cutting edge technology making them a pleasure to operate. Designed to be simple to use, this espresso machine is easily controlled through its touchscreen displays. Ergonomics are carefully considered within the build of the espresso machine with a wide working area which is lit with LED lighting. The filter-holders are comfortable to handle with a gentle incline and soft-touch handles. The La Cimbali M100 was designed to be a work partner for barista in order generate increased customer satisfaction and profits. By making the barista role easier they have more time to provide the human interaction with their customers.

Featuring many Energy Saving solutions this espresso machine is environmentally conscious and is even made from recycled materials. By reducing the boiler pressure during the energy saving mode the energy usage is minimised. As the machine is not fully turned off in this mode it only takes up to 90 seconds to be up and ready to use again. The Smart Boiler technology also reduces energy consumption through optimising the replenishment of water and ensuring thermal stability and efficiency.

With both USB and Bluetooth connections, the espresso machine has advanced technologies with allows you to update machine software, configure data, programme recipes, and communicate with a Bluetooth enabled grinder. Through wireless connection with a grinder-doser any room for human error in the grinding of the coffee is removed as the machine relays information about the extraction parameters to determine the perfect grind.

The unique styling of this machine is influenced by the automotive industry and if finished to a high standard to reflect the quality both inside and outside of this espresso machine.

  • BrandLa Cimbali
  • Weight120
  • Height1217mm
  • Depth559mm
  • Width605mm
  • Cups per day600
  • Machine TypeEspresso
  • Drink options
    • Americano
    • Espresso
    • Hot Water

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User Reviews


Date: 09 April 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 3
Value 4
Speed 4
Ease of use 3

Good machine, easy to use, great coffee

Valentina F

Date: 24 April 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Manager (of a venue of office)

Reliability 5
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 5
La Cimbali S100 is a good machine.

Very easy use, it takes 15 seconds to come out which in my opinion pretty fast. Would recommend to everyone

Jacob P

Date: 24 April 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 4
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 3
La Cimbali S100 is a excellent machine.

As long as customers are happy, we are happy too. Very easy to use as well. Customers seem to like the coffee.