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 Melitta 600 filter coffee machine left side view silver model
Melitta 600
Melitta 600 alt-1

Melitta 600

Machine Type:Filter
Environment:Catering, Education, Healthcare, Hotel
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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Melitta 600
Commercial Machine | Filter

The Melitta 600 modular filter coffee machine offers flexible coffee preparation, perfect for hotels and conference centres. Able to accommodate various quantities of MELITTA-FILTERED® coffee from 1 x 8 litres to 2 x 20 litres.

Easily adjustable quantities allows the user to prepare enough coffee to meet their needs whilst the porcelain inner insert and circulated air heating system stores the coffee at an evenly hot temperature. The pressureless filtering process allows for the impeccable aroma development and a residue free coffee that stays fresher for longer.

The Melitta 600 features a useful integrated timer that allows the machine to be programmed to heat up and begin the filter process at a set time, making it perfect for fast-spaced environments that require coffee on the go.

A raised bottom plate and movable outlets allow larger cups, jug and container to be filled easily. The high performance hot water spout means that tea and other hot beverages can also be made.

Cleaning the Melitta 600 is simple to clean and features no-drip taps making handling safe for everyone.

  • BrandMelitta
  • Weight
  • Heightmm
  • Depthmm
  • Widthmm
  • Cups per day
  • Machine TypeFilter
  • Drink options

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