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Get your U-Roast commercial coffee machine from Bibium today.

Micro Roaster
Accessory | Roaster

Show your customers you’re serious about coffee with your very own counter-top roaster.

The Micro Roaster can roast 2kg of green beans (of your choice) in 20 minutes. A great addition for coffee shops, restaurants, sandwich shops or anywhere with a genuine passion for artisan coffee. Have freshly roasted batches of beans ready to make the freshest cup of coffee going, or you can even package to sell on to your customers as your own-brand coffee.

How does it work?

  • Source the green beans you want to roast
  • Select your roast profile, from very light to super dark, and anything in between
  • The Micro Roaster will heat up using convection heating to the desired temperature
  • The Micro Roaster emits a sound to let you know when the right heat level has been reached
  • Release the beans and the roasting process starts
  • After 20 minutes the roasting process will have finished, and the coffee is cold and ready to use
  • Make coffee as you wish, or even package and sell as your own branded coffee

The Micro Roaster has a very compact footprint, measuring 600mm wide by 700mm deep, and 780mm high. So it will fit into most locations and doesn’t need any special permissions or licences to be fitted and used. It’s also very easy to use, so all your staff can be trained on how to start roasts and also how to clean and maintain the machine.

Commercial benefits

In terms of improved sales, customers who’ve installed a Micro Roaster in their cafes report a 20%-30% increase in coffee sales. What’s more, you’re likely to develop a loyal following, which is why it can be a good idea to bag and sell beans for people to buy and take away with them. If you have a grinder onsite this is another product option, and likely to suit most home coffee drinkers.

To find out more and to get a quote, just enter your details below and someone will get back to you.

  • BrandU-Roast
  • Weight
  • Height460mm
  • Depth561mm
  • Width325mm
  • Cups per day
  • Machine TypeRoaster
  • Drink options

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