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 Rancilio Classe 9 2 group espresso machine side view silver model

Rancilio Classe 9

Americano icon Americano
Espresso icon Espresso
Hot Water icon Hot Water
Machine Type:Espresso
Environment:Cafe, Coffee Shop, Pub, Restaurant
Product groups:2, 3, 4
Warranty: 12 months warranty

£52.00 a week

£5,000.00 - £8,000.00

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Rancilio Classe 9
Commercial Machine | Espresso

The Rancilio Classe 9 marries technology with design to create an espresso machine that is both elegant in its appearance and innovative in its abilities. Building upon Rencilio LAB and Xcelsius technology, the Rancilio Classe 9 offers new solutions to water temperature management in order to enhance the individual characteristics of blends and single-origin coffee. This high-tech espresso machine is packed with state of the art technology.

Xcelsius temperature profiling is a dynamic water temperature management system. Able to increase or decrease the water temperature by up to 5ºC, specific characteristics with the coffee can be extracted and the overall quality of the espresso to be improved. The ABM.07 (Advanced Boiler Management) system is designed to improve the performance of the machine during peak times and busy periods.

When espresso brewing, water dispensing and milk frothing are all required The AMB.07 system pre-empts any drop in temperature and switches on the heating element to ensure a constant heating level. New sensors provide accurate and precise heating control. The HYDRO HUB is an integrated management system of the hydraulic circuit that aims to simplify the performance of technical assistant operations and increase ease and safety during maintenance.

This comprehensive coffee machine offers numerous steam and water solutions. The C-Lever is Rancilio patented steam wand which is fitted as standard on the USB and Xcelsuis USB versions of this machine. Featuring an ergonomic control knob, this steam wand allows both open-close and open-stay functions for manual regulation of the brewing intensity.

The iSteam is a patented fully automatic steam wand that is an optional extra for the USB and USB Xcelsius versions. This steam wand takes the hard work out of milk foam production with ‘Cappuccino’ and ‘Latte’ settings either heat and froth and just heat the milk respectfully.

Fitted as standard on the S version, the YouSteam steam wand is a manual operated steam wand that allows you to heat and froth the milk. Cool Touch technology can be applied to any version and reduces the risk of burning by always being cool to the touch. Hot water can also be adjusted with different temperature and dose settings through the 4 Tea system.

This espresso machine is designed with the barista in mind with any ergonomic features. The filter holders are designed to be comfortable to handle whilst reducing stain on the wrist. The keypad control features soft touch, quick response buttons with an intuitive graphic interface which allows you to control the machines interface. The work area is illuminated with energy efficient LED lights.

Cleaning is simple of this Rancilio coffee machine through the Easy Clean automatic group cleaning system. An LED alert signals when cleaning is required. Monitoring of the performance and status of this coffee machine can be remotely done through the Cloud CONNECT which can produce statistics, observe technical issues and modify settings and parameters.

With its sleek and modern design, the Rancilio Classe 9 is a truly eye-catching espresso machine that is sure to become the focal point in any coffee shop.

  • BrandRancilio
  • Weight
  • Height533.4mm
  • Depth558.8mm
  • Width762mm
  • Cups per day500
  • Machine TypeEspresso
  • Drink options
    • Americano
    • Espresso
    • Hot Water

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User Reviews

Nawaz M

Date: 21 May 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 4
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 3
It is a new and good machine

Rancilio Classe 9 working perfectly since we bought it. It gives best service at the busy times ,easy to clean as well.

Mandy G

Date: 21 May 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 5
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 3
Its a great coffee machine

Rancilio Classe 9 gives good coffee.This is the first coffee machine I'm using as barista. It's really easy to learn. I really like it.

Sandra I.

Date: 21 May 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 5
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 3
Its an excellent machine

Rancilio Classe 9 always serves great coffee. You can rely on the machine, even at rush times.