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San Remo Verona RS 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine Side View black model
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Dedicated to providing attractive designs and exciting innovations, Sanremo is known for creating some of the best coffee machines available on the market today and the Sanremo Verona RS coffee machine is one of the reasons why. Built to provide consistently high-quality coffee, this Sanremo coffee machine makes use of cutting edge technology to ensure that every drink it pours is as good as the last. From a PID controlled hydraulic multi-boiler system to programmable pre-infusion settings, the Verona RS takes everything you could want in a classic barista-style coffee machine and builds on it with elegance and efficiency.

To assist its users further, the Sanremo Verona RS has a multi-function display, dual gauge pressure Indicators, and a detailed audit mode that provides in-depth analysis of the machines condition. Complete with a cup warmer on the top, this coffee machine has two portaheads and is capable of preparing up to four drinks at the same time when two dual portafilters are in use. Ideal for busy bars and crowded cafes, the Sanremo Verona RS coffee machine has been made to be as energy efficient as possible, helping to minimise its electricity usage and ongoing operational costs.