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 VBM Replica HX 3 Group Espresso Coffee Machine Front View
VBM Replica HX
VBM Replica HX alt-1

VBM Replica HX

Americano icon Americano
Espresso icon Espresso
Hot Water icon Hot Water
Machine Type:Espresso
Environment:Cafe, Coffee Shop, Pub, Restaurant
Product groups:3
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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VBM Replica HX
Commercial Machine | Espresso

As the original inspiration for the entire 1961 line of coffee machines, the Replica HX still excites barista after thirty years in the industry. Building on experience and knowledge, this espresso machine using top quality materials and technology to delivery the perfect in-cup results time and time again. Focusing on materials that characterise traditional espresso machine, the Replica HX is made from robust yet stylish polished steel. With smooth lines and a classic style, this machine gives a gentle nod to the retro style and an appreciation of the past. Not only is this machine aesthetically pleasing, the sleek polished steel housing is robust and is hardwearing enough to withstand the demands of the industry.

Designed to give the barista full control, the replica HX uses E61group heads. HX (Heater eXchanger) technology provides an efficient brewing system and unprecedented temperature control within the group. Combined with E61 group heads, this machine is able to provide effective mechanical pre-infusion resulting in a perfect extraction and great coffee results. The manual version of this espresso machine optimises the E61 group heads whilst the electronic version optimises performance through the use of a push-button control panel.

Available with two, three or four groups in either the manual or electronic models, this machine is versatile enough to meet the needs of a wide range of commercial businesses and their demands. With two steam wands and a hot water tap, this machine is capable of meeting high volumes by producing multiple drinks at once. An electric cup warmer with an on/off switch comes as standard to ensure cups are at the perfect temperature for serving coffee, offering your customers that extra level of finesse. The classic styling of this machine and the high quality polished steel finish means it would look great anywhere and would be a welcome asset on any coffee bar.

  • BrandVBM
  • Weight
  • Height550mm
  • Depth600mm
  • Width730mm
  • Cups per day
  • Machine TypeEspresso
  • Drink options
    • Americano
    • Espresso
    • Hot Water

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Date: 15 April 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Owner (of a venue or company)

Reliability 3
Value 4
Speed 3
Ease of use 3

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