WMF 1200S 3/5 (2)

WMF 1200s bean to cup coffee machine front view
  • Drink options: Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso, Hot Chocolate, Latte, Mocha
  • Water Options: Plumbed In, Tank
  • Milk Options: Fresh
  • Warranty: 12 months warranty
  • Installation: Free Installation
  • Payment system Compatible: No
  • Purchase Options: Buy, Lease

Lease From: £14.00 a week

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Beautifully Simple

The 1200S is as easy as a push of a button. It requires very little attention day-to-day, just bear in mind that it doesn't have the same drink selection as some other WMF machines.









Requires too much cleaning and maintenance

coffee and hot chocolate taste very nice, however be prepared to spend some time cleaning the WMF 1200s every day


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Available with the WMF Basic Milk and Easy Milk Systems, the WMF 1200S bean to cup coffee machine is capable of creating both hot and cold milk beverages, in addition to a variety of different coffees. As well as your standard Cafe Creme and Flat White, the WMF 1200S is able to prepare flawless Espressos, Cappuccinos, Caf Lattes, and Latte Macchiatos at the mere push of a button. For those who prefer tea, this machine also dispenses hot water

This versatile coffee machine comes with a 500g coffee bean hopper as standard, but there is also the option of a second hopper for either chocolate or even more coffee beans. Each hopper comes with its own integrated coffee grinder, allowing users the option of filling the second hopper with a different type of bean. This allows the WMF 1200S to create an even wider assortment of drinks, as the additional hopper can be filled with coffee that is weaker, stronger, or decaffeinated. There is also a manual insert compartment that allows ground coffee to be fed directly into the top of the machine.

The spout that pours the coffee from the WMF 1200S is height adjustable, so it can be used to fill small cups or tall mugs. There are 6 buttons on the machines front panel that can be customised to dispense a particular beverage of a specified size, and pushing the button twice will result in a second drink being poured. Once a drink has been made, the grounds are stored in a large internal ground coffee container that can be easily removed, emptied, cleaned, and returned.

These are only a few of the many features available with the WMF1200S, so if youd like to know more please get in touch.


Central hot water outlet Perfectly tempered hot water that can be used for tea, or other hot beverages, produced at the touch of a button.

Two integrated LEDs The dispensing area is lit up by the illuminated underside of the front panel, capturing beverages in the perfect light.

Delicious Milk Choc and Chociatto (optional) With a pool of fresh, hot milk, a variety of chocolate-coffee creations can be produced.

Flexi-Water Supply

The option of having either a water tank or mains water connection enhances flexibility for all conditions and requirements.

Slim design means more combos Thanks to its sleek dimensions, the 1200S fits comfortably anywhere. Combining it with the WMF1200F enables the preparation of any coffee speciality.

Zero-Energy-Function When the machine is off, it truly is OFF to ensure no electricity is wasted.


Beverages per day: 100

Power Rating: 2.2kW / 230 V

Hourly Output: 17 L

Energy loss/day: 0.85 kWh

Coffee bean hopper: 500g

Optional Choc Hopper: 500g

Dimensions (w x d x h): 324x682x554mm