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 WMF 5000S bean to cup coffee machine model 1 front view
WMF 5000S
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WMF 5000S

Americano icon Americano
Cappuccino icon Cappuccino
Espresso icon Espresso
Hot Chocolate icon Hot Chocolate
Latte icon Latte
Mocha icon Mocha
Machine Type:Bean to Cup
Environment:Cafe, Hotel, Large Office, Pub, Restaurant, Retail
Milk Options:Fresh, Soluble
Water Supply:Plumbed
Touch Screen:Yes
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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WMF 5000S
Commercial Machine | Bean to Cup

The WMF 5000S combines the advanced technology of larger, fully automatic coffee machines into a compact and stylish design. Able to offer exceptional high-performance rates, this WMF bean to cup coffee machine is capable of provides up to 250 cups per day, perfect for busy environments where demand is high. In a society where technology has led us to expect everything to be better and faster than ever, the WMF 5000S is able to meet these expectations, producing high-quality coffees at an unprecedented rate.

However, despite its advanced technologies and capabilities, the WMF 5000S is an incredibly user-friend commercial coffee machine. When used within the self-service mode, the user is guided step-by-step through the brewing process and is prompted on how to adjust their drink selection to meet their preferences. Options such as cup size, coffee strength and caffeinated/ decaffeinated can all be simply selected through the user-friendly interface, and the small-medium-large settings are all defined by pre-programmed volumes.

This automatic bean to cup coffee machine supports a number of milk options such as the Easy Milk and Dynamic Milk systems which can produce milk foam at the touch of a button. The Dynamic Milk system can also offer cold milk foam for wider drinks options. These automatic options are perfect for self-service purposes. The Easy Steam and Auto Steam systems allow users to use a classic steam wand to create the perfect milk foam. The Auto Steam option allows the temperature to be predefined. This option is great when being used by a barista who wants more control over the drink production process.

This robust commercial coffee machine is made from quality material and uses reliable components to ensure the on-going high performance of your machine and reduces the likelihood of any downtime. The heavy-duty brewer and pump allow this WMF coffee machine to keep up with the high demands and continuously delivery excellent performance levels. Maintenance and cleaning is made simple with automatic cleaning cycles, dishwasher proof components such as the bean hoppers, and flashing LED panels when attention is required alongside on-screen messages. Another convenient feature of this commercial coffee machine is that can be easily monitored remotely via the Remote Data Access option. The CoffeeConnect feature enables you to collect statistics and analystics on the machine performance to optimise performance and increase turnover as well as make purchases, access the Know How tool and media pool.

The WMF 5000S encompasses a sleek and compact designed that minimises the amount of space needed to produce high-quality coffee. Its large LED panels ensure the WMF 5000 is the focal point of the room and its versatility allows it to be used as either as a service-operated coffee machine or a self-service solution. Married with its ability to produce high volumes of high-quality coffee in a small amount of space, this WMF bean to cup coffee machine is suitable for use in a wide range of settings; from professional catering environments to commercial office spaces.

  • BrandWMF
  • Weight37
  • Height590mm
  • Depth706mm
  • Width326mm
  • Cups per day250
  • Machine TypeBean to Cup
  • Drink options
    • Americano
    • Cappuccino
    • Espresso
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Latte
    • Mocha

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User Reviews

Mark M

Date: 10 April 2018

Environment: Office

Role: User (e.g. in an office)

Reliability 4
Value 4
Speed 4
Ease of use 4
Good Coffee

Quick, easy to use, and works well with an office of over 100 people. Good range of coffees to choose from the strong espresso to the latte. Those with a sweet tooth have a mocha or hot chocolate to choose from too! Just be aware office managers... budget for milk costs to go up!


Date: 26 April 2018

Environment: Office

Role: User (e.g. in an office)

Reliability 4
Value 5
Speed 4
Ease of use 5
Better than Pret

I use it as its better then Pret

Alena W

Date: 02 May 2018

Environment: Office

Role: User (e.g. in an office)

Reliability 5
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 4
Super machine

It is fast, reliable and makes a perfect cup of coffee every time.