WMF Under Coffee Machine Milk Cooler – 9.5L No ratings yet.

WMF under coffee machine lockable milk cooler 9.5L black and silver

About the machine

  • Brand: WMF
  • Height: 300
  • Kwh: 0.2 W
  • Item type: Accessory
  • Purchase Options: Buy, Lease


Ideal for commercial environments with limited counter space, this compact milk cooler is designed to sit underneath WMF coffee machines to conserve space and help keep the area around it clean and tidy. Despite its neatly-packed design, this WMF milk cooler has a large 9.5 litre tank made from plasic that can be easily removed for cleaning and re-filling. Made to service WMF’s range of commercial coffee machines, this purpose-built milk fridge is fitted with a thermostat and its temperature can be adjusted between 2°C and 6°C. The lockable door makes this under coffee machine milk cooler ideal for self-serve situations, and its discreat milk hose can be led and fitted via the drip tray in order to ensure it is not in the way.

This convenient milk cooler can be used with various WMF coffee machines, including the  1100S, 1200S (not with basic milk), 1500S, 1500S+, 5000S, 8000S, and 9000S+ coffee machine models. It is also available with an optional sensor that will display an empty-milk warning to let users know when the milk fridge needs refilling.

  • Nominal output/ Power supply: 0.2 kW / 220–240 V
  • Outer dimensions: 406mm / 265mm / 539mm  (W/H/D)
  • Weight: 26kg (approx.)