WMF Cup & Cool Narrow (4.5L, 45 – 190 cups) No ratings yet.

WMF cup warmer and milk cooler 4.5L 45 190 cups front view Stainless Steel with LED illumination

About the machine

  • Brand: WMF
  • Height: 530
  • Kwh: 150 W
  • Item type: Accessory
  • Purchase Options: Buy, Lease


Perfect chilled milk and warmed cups are essential in every coffee serving establishment that values the extra effort. The WMF Cup & Cool Narrow is the ideal solution for both of these requirements in an elegant design that will fit seamlessly into any environment. With a LED illuminated back panel that can be set to a variety of colours, the Cup & Cool can blend in with any aesthetic. Despite being under 30 centimetres wide, this handy piece of equipment can store between 45 and 190 cups or glasses whilst chilling 4.5 litres of milk, making it extremely space efficient in an environment where space is limited. Cups are kept warm over three heated shelves made of stylish brushed steal. Milk is kept at a constant cool temperature with the option of a milk temperature sensor in the removable plastic container that makes cleaning and filling simple. When used with machines that feature an empty milk sensor, this chiller can detect when milk is close to running empty and can also feature integrated Plug+Clean. Suitable for use with WMF 1200S, 1500S, 5000S, and 8000S bean to cup coffee machines.