WMF Cup & Cool Wide (9.5L, 45 – 130 cups) No ratings yet.

WMF Cup and Cool Wide 9.5L 45 190 cups

About the machine

  • Brand: WMF
  • Height: 530
  • Kwh: 0.2 W
  • Item type: Accessory
  • Purchase Options: Buy, Lease


The perfect solution to perfectly warmed cups and optimally chilled milk, the WMF Cup & Cool wide is ideal for those who aim to serve the perfect cup of coffee. Able to hold between 45 and 130 cups, mugs or glasses with the styled LED design, this useful piece of equipment can be customised to fit into any setting with its sleek style. Hosting a large 9.5 litre removable milk container, this chiller can provide large amounts of perfectly cool milk whilst still being easy to clean. When used with a machine that boasts an empty milk sensor feature, this chiller will detect when the milk is running low making operation simple. With this feature, the integrated Plug+Clean can also be used, making maintenance easy. Stylish brushed stainless steel heated shelving keeps cups and mugs warm ready for serving coffee at the ideal temperature. By featuring a lockable door this piece of equipment is suited to self-serve environments. The Cup & Cool can be used with two machines when use with the WMF 1500s, 5000s and the 8000s bean to cup machines, saving vital counter space. The Cup & Cool can also be used with WMF 1200s.