What to Look for in a Commercial Coffee Machine Quote

Many of our clients tell us they struggle sometimes to compare quotes from different vendors. Here’s a quick guide of what to look out for to make sure you’re comparing like-for-like.

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The brand, model and class of machine

Coffee machine manufacturers are obsessed with using arcane numbers and letters to name their machines, and one letter here or there can make a big difference. For example, the Jura WE8 is a commercial machine whereas the E8 is for domestic use only (and use in a commercial setting will invalidate the warranty).

Also, just because two machines have similar specs (most commonly cups per day), they may be very different in lots of other ways – a Vauxhall Astra and BMW 4 Series have similar fuel economies, but they’re very different vehicles, for example. Maybe a Vauxhall is exactly what you need, but you get what you pay for.

Quick Tips

  • double check your machine model number / name
  • be aware of every spec – higher costs are often justified despite similarities between cheaper and more expensive models
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The milk fridge and accessories that come with it

Most machines aren’t ready to go out of the box. They’ll need a milk chiller, water filter, or other bits. It’s important that these accessories be of similar quality as the machine itself. Many vendors will sell generic milk chiller knock offs rather than including the official fridge, for example. They may work for a time, but it’s very similar to buying a generic charger for an iPhone. You’re taking your life into your hands a bit.

Water filters are the same. We use exclusively either official filters or BWT water treatment systems (the best in the industry). Your coffee is 95% water – the filter you use is important!

You’re spending several thousand pounds on a machine. Don’t get penny wise and pound foolish with your accessories.

Quick Tips

  • make sure the accessories that come with your machine are official
  • the quality of your water filter is as important as the quality of your coffee
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Service and Support

Higher end coffee machines can be very complicated to set up, and it’s important you use fully-qualified professionals to make sure the job gets done right. Because we like happy clients, we only use our manufacturers’ own engineers. This costs us more, but we (and our clients) are rewarded with an install and onboarding first-time success rate of over 90%. Outsourced engineers have to visit a site two or more times over 40% of the time.

The average commercial coffee machine has more computer processing power than the original space shuttle. Don’t leave it to an amateur.

Quick Tip

  • leave the installation of commercial machines to professionals to avoid future issues
number 4

The ‘FREE’ gifts offered with the machine

The bundle of free stuff you get with your machine is a fantastic little treat, but make sure you’re smart about it. Like most other folks, we offer free coffee with our machines, and the value of that is around £114 per 6kg case, because it’s really excellent coffee. Someone else offering £3000 worth of free coffee justifies the huge number by saying it’s how much you could sell the coffee for, which is – of course – slightly misleading. It’s just 15kg of whatever beans they’ve got lying around, which you could typically buy off their site for around £100.

Quick Tip

  • it’s common to receive freebies with your new machine, but if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is

Whatever questions you have throughout your coffee machine buying journey, we’re here to help. We’ll help you compare our quote against someone else’s on a like for like basis, and we’re never knowingly undersold.

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